Thursday, 15 March 2012

Get growing with Innocent this Spring

How exciting does the above look? Like show it to your toddler/child and I bet you'll have them screaming too in excitement. (or it may just of just been me & Oli!) To us it sounds like so much fun, getting seeds in my yummy pack of smoothies in which I can plant in my empty smoothie carton once we've finished drinking it. We're already big fans of Innocent and I cant escape the supermarket without coming away with a box of the kids smoothies and fruit tubes.
I blame the fact they are put right next to our reduced section so whilst I'm browsing for food bargains, Oli's stocking the trolley with Innocent goods.

The guys at Innocent sent us a little kit to help us to get started with our very own planting mission. I hinted at what we were doing a couple of weeks ago in my gardening with toddlers blog post. We were sent a little watering can with some seeds so that we could see for ourselves what we'll be getting when we purchase the new boxes of Innocent goods which have seeds inside of them.

Innocents aim is to get millions of children outside planting and harvesting their own little gardens now that the nice weather is on it's way to us. From March until April, every box of Innocent kids' smoothies or fruit tubes will come with it's very own pack of easy to grow seeds. There are six to collect - carrots, tomatoes, cress, basil, violets & sunflowers. Sowing thee seeds and growing them will help to show children where fruit and veg come from and how it can be grown.

We're waiting for that nice weather to return,
hopefully this weekend so that we can plant all our seeds in the smoothie cartons we've been collecting the last couple of weeks. Our obsessive buying has also led to now owning lots of seeds, the exciting thing being that we have a pack of sunflowers each to plant for our sunflower growing competition. (seeing who can grow the biggest sunflower between me, the man & the toddler!)

Whilst writing this post up and thinking about what I'm going to get the mother in law for Mother's day, I thought what a great little gift this could make for mother's this
Mother's Day. Like giving mother some cartons flat packed with a little ribbon around them or a box you've bought from the supermarket all wrapped up. Or stick the box into a pretty ceramic pot? So many ideas! But great ideas you can do which help you out if your on a budget. I'm so excited about doing this with Oli that I'm getting the nephew around so he can plant some seeds for himself, of course we have to drink some more smoothies first. ;)

Keep a eye out for our next Innocent seeds post where I blog about how we got on with planting our seeds and which will include a competition for your little one to win his/her very own watering can kit including some innocent vouchers to help you get started with your smoothie/seed buying!