Sunday, 4 March 2012

Second Hand Buys - Second Hand Apps

No second hand buys this week for us though am currently deciding if I should purchase a second hand swing for the bargain price of £5. If we want it then we have to dismantle it ourselves to stick in the car and bring home. Am gutted because if I would of saw the ad in time I could of got both the swing and slide for £10!! But someone already beat me to it and got the slide, see this is why I should more time on Facebook. The swing looks perfect for both Oli's & our nephews age so I guess it would be a good buy, what do you think? Snap it up?

Last week I blogged about second hand clothes/swishing, which had me hunting for a Big Wardrobe app on my phone. Which I couldn't find, but I guess it's only a matter of time before websites like this hit the app market. Though I did find Closet Swap from Channel 4, it works in a similar way to Big Wardrobe and even has a website. You sign in with your Facebook id to create your own online closet, get your friends to do the same and then start borrowing/lending items. It even has a way of discovering local markets, vintage stores and and pre-loved clothing stores.

I mentioned Gumtree in my second hand websites blog post, well here's the Gumtree app for anyone wanting to browse it whilst out and about, or like me from the comfort of your sofa/bath/bed. I've been having a play of this app myself, it's quite easy to use. First your find your location and then like the website, you just look for what you're after or you simply browse. I'm going to keep my eye out on it for some garden equipment for the toddler. Am hoping that sometime in the future, a update will include the opportunity to use it as a way of selling as well as buying.

One which does let you upload your own ads as well as buy i
s OLX, I obviously missed this website when hunting around for second hand websites online. It's used worldwide, apparently in 96 countries in 40 languages so this one may be of use to of any of you who are not based in the UK. If you've not got a phone which allows you to download apps then you don't have to miss out, simply just click on this mobile version of OLX.

A similar one which is quite interesting and I'm still exploring is Yakaz, I didn't let it know my location but instead went into the option where I could type in just a snippet of my postcode to see what was being sold in my local area. What I found interesting was all the local eBay ads it was letting me know about. When I'm wanting furniture or anything which is usually free postage and I don't mind it being second hand, I look up the nearest items on eBay. So maybe Yakaz can save me time doing that. You can also use it to sell.

I've not used neither of these apps but they are something which I will bare in mind
when it comes to buying a new car. I don't think it will be long before we start thinking about upgrading our car to a bigger one, maybe you're already at that stage? Maybe the following apps might help. Of course the most well known used car website is Auto Trader so here's the Auto Trader app for your mobile. If you find yourself eyeing up a car and wanting to know more well the app gives you the ability to give the owner a call straight from the app. It gives you a quick search option as well as a easier way to compare prices.

Another used car website which has it's app which also lets you browse both new and used cars on your phone. I had a quick browse at it on my iphone and it looks simple and clear enough to use. Searching for a Volkswagon beetle was quick and easy, and may of been added to my favourites as well as my ideal mother's day present. ;)

This app is more about selling rather then buying but I tho
ught I would share it anyway. HMV re/play allows you to sell your old games and consoles. Try your luck on here to see how much you'll get for something before heading off to your nearest cash converters/game shop. You can trade your games against anything HMV sells, or load your credit on to a gift card to spend at a later date. Or if there's nothing that takes your fancy then you can just exchange for cash.