Sunday, 25 March 2012

Second Hand Buys - Second Hand Baby Websites

This week I managed to sell second hand instead of buy second, I guess selling provides ££ in case I wanted to buy anything. I often forget that money doesn't grow on trees, despite the constant reminders from the man. I shifted one of my old prams over on , the people that wanted it traveled for a couple of hours just to get this pram and despite it having a part missing that they would have to purchase for it. Have been trying to sell it on local facebook pages but hadn't been getting anywhere, just 40 minutes after putting in on Gumtree I had sold it and for the price I wanted.

The pram didn't have a chance over on Pushchair Trader which is a website especially to buy, sell and win used pushchairs, prams, buggies, spares and accessories. Have listed the other pram I want to sell and have already received a inbox full enquiries. Great place to pop over too if you're a pram fan like me. I enjoy reading the news section just to keep up with the pram gossip about what's new on the pram scene.

Most of the other sites I mentioned before in my second hand website post are places where you can sell and buy second baby stuff, just means hunting out the right section to get to the baby stuff. Here's some more websites that are dedicated to just selling and buying baby items.

The Nursery Exchange is an online market place born to enable parents to buy and sell second hand baby, maternity & children's items. It's quick, easy and free to list. I like the easy layout to this website, not used it myself but may give it a try to try and shift some of my old baby stuff, doesn't hurt to upload whatever your trying to sell to each website you come across - reaches more buyers that way.

If like us you're thinking about using real nappies when you're next comes along, wanting to try them with your current baby or wanting to get rid of your old ones then check out Used Nappies. They are a family run business providing a auction service which allows us to both buy new and sell real nappies. Now we paid a small fortune for our nappies so it's handy to know we have the option of clawing some of that money back once we've finished with them, though to be honest with how much we're saving on the price of disposable nappies we wont really need to try and be quids in on them come the day we say goodbye to them.

The founder of babyitsyours was a fashion expert interested in the swishing trend and a project manager keen for a green website for parents. You can use the site to sell, wrap and buy. Handy menu which lets you you search by both location and condition. Free to list for the first 6 months so sign up when you're ready to sell.

Baby Swap or Shop is a community-based website of local areas that covers the UK, each page offering items for sale, swap or wanted. They facilitate mums and dads to upload their unwanted items for sale/swap or 'wanted' posts free of charge and they also have the ability to search by category as well as postcode radius. You can post a unlimited amount of adverts which stay on the website for 30 days unless you mark them as sold, you'll have the option to re-list unsold items.

A local selling site is Nappy Valley which you buy and sell on but it sounds like you might have to pay a small fee to list items for sale. When trying to find out more details about this website I came across these really handy tips which you should bare in mind when selling and buying.

Using parenting forums is also a great way of shifting and browsing old baby stuff, sites I know of which you can do this on are Netmums, UK Parents Lounge, Bounty, Mums Like You and if you know anymore please add them to the linky below.

Don't forget if you're not a fab of buying/selling second hand online then there's always your local car boot sales, supermarket ad boards, Charity shops, NCT sales and local events such as your child's school fetes which gives you the opportunity to do it in person instead of online.