Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sweetcorn Bites

When a PR emails you asking if you want to review food how can you say no? Especially when you're 30 odd weeks pregnant and consuming enough food by yourself to feed a family of 5. I got asked if I would like to try out some Sweetcorn Bites, of course I said yes and was quite pleased to receive a box full a couple of days later.

I wasn't quite sure what I was expecting really, when I usually buy sweetcorn from the supermarket in the bags which you store in the freezer. That I just dip into when I want some sweetcorn, and then watch it cook on the hob. The packaging to the sweetcorn bites made the sweetcorn look and read user friendly by this I mean could easily see that I could store some in both the fridge and freezer.

We were impressed by the microwave option which
allowed us to have a yummy warm healthy snack within minutes. All I had to do was cut open the top and put it into the microwave for the recommended minutes for my microwave. I spent so much time the other day putting some into a pan to cook and add to the side of our plates, I also like this easy option of shoving it into the microwave in it's packet and not creating more washing up for myself by getting out pans to boil water.

A Mummy Too reviewed some too and has created a yummy recipe for roasted vegetables with which you can use a bag of Sweetcorn Bites. Do let me know if you try either the recipes or Sweetcorn Bites for yourself.