Sunday, 25 March 2012

Really starting to feel it

So I've reached my 35th week, am slightly leaning towards that freaking out stage especially as it only felt like yesterday I was tucking into that cake the man made me to celebrate turning 30 weeks. I'm as prepared as much as I'm not - if that makes any sense? Mentally I'm prepared that we're going to have another baby, mentally not prepared that I'm going to become a mother of two. Physically we're at the ready with the boob milk and the real nappies, physically not prepared with knowing what to do with these things.

The last week I've really started to get to grips with the fact I'm going into that heavily pregnant stage, I cant really deny it anymore. Really feeling the strain on both my body and the way I'm feeling. When pregnant with Oli I was often having afternoon naps, especially towards the end. This time around I'm having to be with Oli so nap times cant happen when I want them like I did before. Though even still with the opportunity to have naps I've not really wanted to take them. When he falls asleep after playschool or a good run around the park, I find myself sticking the kettle on and filling my face full of cake - I would still say this was a good use of time. Though yesterday I just HAD to have a nap come late afternoon, thankfully the man was home so I was able to do this. After waking up this morning feeling like I've not slept at all, I do think naps will be squeezed into these last weeks.

The jabs are becoming increasing violent, seriously does he need to stick a limb into
my ribcage at 3am? It's getting quite uncomfortable and I cant remember feeling it like this with the first pregnancy. I feel yucky and horrible all the time, I keep having stages where I miss my per-pregnant state which is a strange way to feel when you want to be and are pregnant. Could be the fact I have all my per-pregnancy clothes stored away in boxes in the garage and that my wardrobe looks tiny with its leggings and maternity tops. I'm having to correct people who think I've been able to get away with wearing my old clothes, because I've not. My hips seem to have expanded along with thighs, much different to Oli's pregnancy as I did only own one item of maternity clothing.

I'm still waiting for the go ahead from my consultant for my home birth, she wants to me to have this heart monitoring but there seems to be no hurry with getting that sorted. My one midwife who's been visiting me home has been quite reassuring with my plans for the home birth, the consultant did say as long as my midwives were happy then she's happy. Baby is in perfect health, he's even started to grow more! I know this because it's got to the point where I can no longer see what underwear I'm wearing. The man thinks this is hilarious, even more so that I've been begging him to shave my legs for me and paint my toe nails as I cant bend over to do them. I blame this nice weather that's suddenly started to appear, I was all prepared to spend the last 5 weeks in trousers and long leggings which would of kept my fuzz well hidden.