Friday, 30 March 2012

I'm filming my labour

Does that sound strange? It did to the man when I first suggested it and I guess when it first popped into my head, I had to wonder if I had lost it. But then it's not like it's a crazy new thing, people have been doing this kind of thing for yonks. You only have to type in birth videos in google to see that people actually do record the moment they go into labour and give birth.

Ever since I gave birth to Oli, I announced that I wanted a mirror at the other end if I was to ever do it again so that I could see for myself what actually happens. Fast forward a few years and I've watched enough episodes of One Born Every Minute to actually see what's going on down below when you're giving birth. I've moved on from the mirror idea to wanting to have my little video camera set up to record my last stage of labour as well as the birth. Having a home birth should make this much easier to achieve, I'm hoping to be on the floor so have already chosen my camera spot. Though I know this can all change as labour plans don't always go as planned.

Blue Bear Wood shared some of her birthing photos in a first portrait gallery blogpost which to me were just simply stunning, you look past everything to see these amazing breathtaking birthing shots. Recording a moment like this to me is just so unique and personal. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea looking at photos like this or recording/capturing the moment you give birth but for me it is one of the most beautiful natural events you can come across in life and I cant wait to capture my very own beautiful natural event on film.