Sunday, 29 April 2012

Back Labour

is it a bitch isn't it? No other way of really putting it other then that. I cant believe it's the middle of the night and I'm drafting this up. The man has not long gone to work, he really didn't want to leave me bless him. My back had been getting worse throughout the day and coming to bed things were still no better, though lying on my left side helped to take the edge off. We were wondering if this was going to be it, I was to distinguish if it was contractions but it was really difficult to tell. The pain was coming and going in my pain, getting worse but trying to establish if it was going round to the front was difficult. Didn't help that baby insisted on moving constantly so I couldn't tell if it was his movements or something else. Was also getting pain down below but I've been having this for a while now thanks to that pressure that's never left.

I assume I'm in labour in my back? Slowly but still in labour? I guess this is what the midwife meant when she said baby was back to back and that I was going to feel this in my back. I have been trying to do all the positions suggested to help move him but at the same time I find comfort in just sitting very still with pillows propping up my back like I'm doing this morning. I only managed to grab a couple of hours sleep and the man is due to get back in from work soon so I'll be on toddler duty until he wakes up.

Would be lying if I didn't admit that I'm freaking to how this is going to effect my home birth. I don't have a birthing plan other then to go with the flow. I want it to be natural as possible though at the same time, if I'm in pain I will take whatever I need. With Oli, I managed it with using the TENS at first and then moving on to gas & air. But that labour was 5 hours, I only felt the pain that morning. What if this back ache just gets worse over the next week? What if I have one of those 36 hour labours which I've always heard about?

When I was pregnant with Oli, I really wasn't that clued up on pregnancy I really did not know as much as I did now. That pregnancy was pretty straight forward if you didn't count the bleeding scare at the beginning and the fact I developed gall stones. I always thought labours were long, I didn't know they could be short. I really didn't know there were people that have actually cough and sneezed their baby out. This was why I was in so much shock when Oli was born and why I didn't want to know him at first, I just couldn't believe it could be over that quickly.

I'm not due to have a midwife come out and see me until over a weeks time for one of those glamorous sweeps, I'm thinking I may need to get a appointment sooner then that. I really don't want to make a fuss, I really don't but then I don't know how much of this pain I can take. Maybe she can let me know if anything was actually happening, this could perk me up and help me to cope with it.