Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Innocent Giveaway Winner

Do you remember a few weeks ago I hosted a giveaway for Innocent? I also blogged about how we got on with sowing our very own Innocent seeds. I enlisted the help of my nephew along with Oli to plant our seeds into some empty Innocent smoothie cartons. They've been sat on my windowsill for the last couple of weeks, sadly though thanks to Daddy getting a little too carried away with the watering whilst me & Oli were away for a few days - some of them didn't quite make it. We did have success with the Sunflower and the Cress though which didn't mind the drowning they received. Sadly the Sunflower didn't survive me, all I tried to do was plant it into a new pot and I accidentally snapped it. Oops!

Thankfully we have a drawer full of seeds thanks to all the Innocent fruit tubes we've been buying since the offer started. So we have plenty of opportunities to try again and this time, not let Daddy near them with his watering can. Here's a picture of the Cress though before it was added to some Egg sandwiches.

We picked out a winner at random who's little one will receive their very own little watering can set and some Innocent vouchers...

Drum Roll...

Kara Guppy from Tales Of A Family Of 7

...Well done Kara!

It's not too late to get your hands on some Innocent Seeds, we bought a couple more boxes of fruit tubes this morning (got 2 boxes for £3 at Morrisons!) which now means we have 2 more lots of seeds to plant. If you do plant your seeds or already have why not let Innocent know over on twitter using the hashtag #innocentseeds