Saturday, 7 April 2012

Making the most of a summer maternity leave

Summer is a great season for your maternity leave to fall on – instead of being resentfully cooped up in the office on sunny days, you and your baby can make the most of the sunshine together. The only problem is that your leave will probably speed past in the blink of an eye!

Here are some suggestions as to what you can do to pass the days and bond with your baby whilst taking advantage of the lovely, British sunshine:

Walks in the park

A relaxed stroll will do wonders for the both of you. As well as fresh air and exercise, think of all the exciting sights your baby has yet to see! Getting out of the house for a walk will give your skin a chance to soak up some vitamin D, and will do wonders for your tired mind. During the early stages, it may feel impossible to leave the house – so a relaxing stroll is a perfect start. Pushchairs, nappies and hydration is all new mothers need for a little stroll around the nearest park – just watch out for all of the cooing strangers!

Sitting in the sunshine

Sitting in your back garden and catching up on your reading will allow you to switch back to your adult brain for a while. When your baby is napping, even getting through a few chapters will leave you feeling a little more intellectual in-between nappy changes, and just as sun-kissed. A few moments of sun-soaked silence will be glorious, and your brain will thank you!

Staying in

If you’re not ready to leave the house yet, open the windows, or sit in the garden for a while for a change of scenery. There’s no reason you still can’t embrace summer – get in some ice lollies, put on some summer songs or films and bear in mind that there are no rules about wearing maxi dresses around the house.

Being creative

If you’re a creative person – with the little one down for naps and a lot of free time on your hands once the house looks almost habitably tidy – use the sunshine to stimulate your creativity. Whether it’s painting, drawing or crafts where your forte lies, the sunny weather puts everyone in a better mood and will be perfect for inspiration and creativity.


Gardening is the new yoga – it’s both healthy and productive, as well as giving you some sun without having to leave the house. Tending to your garden means that you can keep an eye on your baby at the same time as making your garden look pretty and exercising – you’ll have your pregnancy glow back in no time!