Friday, 13 April 2012

Dear Morrisons/Tescos

I'm pregnant, like almost very pregnant. . I am eating like a horse. Our current food shopping bills are sky high because I'm shopping as if I'm feeding a family of 7 not a family of 3. This means lots of money going into both of your tills.

Being this pregnant and being tired 24/7 means I really have not got the energy to sit and think of a complaint email. Maybe I should just send you this instead but I cant be bothered, after all I'm a blogger so if I'm likely to be be found blogging about my son's poop. Then I'm more then likely to be found blogging about mouldy tomatoes in my sandwich and bones in my chicken tikka slices.

This is what I found in a sandwich I bought from my local Morrisons garage, I did take some more photos but didn't really want to show half regurgitated food on my blog. The same with the bone from the slice. This photo of a mouldy tomato is more then enough for me, the other tomato in the other sandwich was much worse then this, and yeah that was the one half eaten by me.

Thanks Morrisons/Tescos for those yummy treats. That's me totally off buying sandwiches from garages and slices in future.