Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Beauty Bundle

I was contacted by My Beauty Bundle who had noticed that I was pregnant, to see if I would like to receive and review one of their bundles. My first response was what a genius idea the whole concept was - basically you let them your babies due date or birthday and they will put together the perfect pamper package and deliver it to your door.

My Beauty Bundle was founded in 2011 by a brother (Kevin) and Sister (Hannah) team who came up with the idea when Kevin and his Wife discovered they were having twins. To make his wife feel special as she waited for the arrival of the twins, Kevin made up a gift bag each month for her filled with beauty and baby products. This is where the my Beauty Bundle idea was born.

Oh how I wish someone (looks at the man*) would of thought to of done something like this for me in this pregnancy, it's a great gift idea if you want to buy someone who's pregnant something which will make them smile each month of the pregnancy and beyond. You have the option of a £15 monthly subscription which you can cancel at anytime, a 3 or 6 month subscription and a 12 month subscription where you can currently receive 1 month for free. All subscriptions include free postage and packing.

I told them that I was 31 weeks pregnant when they asked me how far along I was and I was really interested by what I would be sent in my beauty bundle box. Here's a photo of what I received...

How adorable is that Green Baby bib? It's so soft to touch, has been added straight to my box of baby stuff. Cant wait to see baby wearing it come nursing time. That Lavera moisturizing mask was one of the first products I used alongside the Vital Touch Lavender Hydrolat. The mask smelt gorgeous and did help to lift some of that skin dryness. The Natalia Labour Instant Energiser has gone straight into the hospital bag so I know where it is come labour time. It's a refreshing pulse pointer, I've been using something similar in pregnancy so look forward to trying this labour version. A cute little extra was some pregnancy tips from who's tip this month was about preventing leg cramps.

I was really pleased with the choice of products that were in my very own beauty bundle. They are brands that I've never heard of so welcomed the introduction to them. As for value for money, it certainly is when you add together the value of the products.

You can find My Beauty Bundle over on and .

*It's ok hun, I know you would of done something like this if you knew about it. My double chin thanks you for the copious amount of chocolate I received instead.