Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter Fun

We had a quiet bank holiday, our plans of doing a Easter Egg hunt around the garden was thrown out of the window thanks to the bad weather. We instead stayed inside and chilled out with some colouring and making cakes. Asda sent some Easter craft stuff for us to have a look at and have a go at making (Thank you Asda!) but we didn't get it until the day before hence only blogging about it now. Here's Oli and the man colouring in a rather large cardboard Easter Egg which is currently taking proud display on Oli's bookshelf.

As for chocolate eggs, he got plenty of those. He's being taught the art of rationing which just a little bit of chocolate every couple of days. Though he was more interested in the rest of the Playmobil eggs we gave him which we reviewed a couple of weeks ago. He actually took the eggs to bed that night to cuddle.

Hope you had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend/Easter?