Thursday, 12 April 2012

Fun things to do with the kids

As the days get warmer and the kids want to play and be entertained for longer and it is hard to know how to keep them entertained. But there are plenty of family friendly activities that will provide great fun filled days for everyone.

Bike riding

Bike riding is a great idea when the weather is nice and will burn loads of the kid’s seemingly endless energy. Find out where your local cycle paths are as riding on busy roads can be dangerous and frightening for young children. If you have a bike rack a really fun idea is to go biking in woodland on designated bike trails. There are usually different levels of difficulty so you can tailor the path you take to the age of your children. The most important thing to remember is always to wear a protective helmet as even when cycling off road falling off can cause a serious head injury.

Make a picnic

Making a picnic doesn’t have to be a giant chore. A few sandwiches, snacks, fruit and drinks are plenty enough for a warm day and the novelty value of eating outside will ensure that a great time will be had even if you just go to the local park. This is also a great way of getting the family together for a game of football, cricket or tennis.

Visit free attractions

There are plenty of museums, galleries and other attractions that have free entry, and they will entertain the kids all day. The sound of museums can sound boring to some children but most are very hands on and have lots of interactive activities to do. They also teach children in a way that they don’t even realise they are learning, meaning they are a brilliant idea if learning in a classroom doesn’t keep your child’s attention for very long!

Make the most of the garden

Sometimes staying at home can be just as exciting as going out and gardens can be great places for young minds to explore. Create a list of things for kids to find in the garden such as plants, insects and birds and help them seek them out. By doing this you will be teaching the kids new things and improving their knowledge.


Spring and summer are always brilliant times to get the children interested in swimming when outdoor heated pools are open and make learning to swim more fun. Fun pools with diving boards and slides are a great way of convincing a child who is reluctant to learn how great swimming can be. If you are going on holiday this is also an equally good opportunity to remove the armbands and let them start to swim on their own.

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