Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Back to back

So just had the midwife around for my 39 week appointment, I was kinda hoping by now that the only midwife appointments I would be having would be the ones you have once baby has popped out. Sadly not the case for me, though what she said has made me realise why baby has not put in a appearance yet and why he might not be seen just yet.

I kinda already knew what she said after various
googlings of mine, that crazy back ache I've been experiencing and the crazy amount of pressure means baby is back to back. So this apparently will make the first stages of labour slow and I've been given lots of positions and movements to help. I'm currently taking on the sitting up straight position on the sofa, this will be my position until this evening where I'll be making friends with my birthing ball.

When you look into why baby has turned into this posterior it does make sense, apparently us western women are much more likely to have posterior babies then those in the developing world, who work manually in the fields or who squat to cook/eat. Because I tend to a rather lot of 'relaxing' and work at a computer, this tips my pelvis backwards encouraging the heaviest part of baby, the back of his head and his spine to swing round to the back and in this position he's ended up lying against my spine.

Last night the pressure in my bottom really was driving me crazy, I was getting rather worked up over it and made a phone call to the maternity unit at the hospital where I had a midwife gave me one of those motherly talks, a warm bath which I already had in attempt to ease it, told to take some paracetamol and go and have a early night. It was stuff that I already knew but being told it by someone with a gentle voice helped in a way.

So I'm spending my evening on the ball and maybe even scrubbing the kitchen floor. Though that second part may of been taking it too far.