Saturday, 7 April 2012

I have a blank canvas

By blank canvas, I mean I have this white wall screaming out for some kind of colour. I really should of thought about it a while ago not left it until now where I'm close to popping. And if last night's cramps and lack of sleepiness is anything to go by, it really will be soon. When we moved back from Portsmouth we decided to move into a 2 bed and let baby share our room until we felt the time ready to look for a 3 bed, that and the fact nothing was going to stop me from moving into this house with its huge garden. It's all about the summer fun for me.

So this wall is baby's wall, I have everything in his little corner of the room all ready. Has been different not having a nursery this time around to decorate, I guess that's why I've not really given it a thought until the last week. I'm still looking around for a little set of drawers for him for his clothes, really should make that a mission as much as my mission to turn this blank wall into a nursery wall. I'm not wanting to do much and waste much money as in several months time we'll have a new house with new rooms to decorate, I've not even invested in furniture for the living room and am living out of boxes still.

I really did not realise how difficult it would be to find suitable nursery pictures, am I just too fussy? I have some gorgeous ones above my bed from Next, sadly none of their children's nursery pictures jump out at me. Have been browsing Not On The High Street children's canvas range as well as eBay. Was half tempted with some Beatrix Potter prints but the man wasn't too keen on them, hasn't stopped me from watching them though ;)

There's two little hooks up already so two canvas prints would probably be ideal but then I may try a mix and match of prints. Oh the decisions. Maybe this is the nesting part of pregnancy for me? What have you got on your little ones nursery/bedroom wall?