Sunday, 15 April 2012

Popping Sensation

What I'm going to say may either sound strange to you or you may turn around and say that you've experienced this yourself. See for the last couple weeks I've been feeling this funny sensation in my tummy, it feels like baby has opened up a bag of corn and has decided to stick it on the hob and make himself some popcorn.

Googling this has given me various parent forums with conversations about other mums to be experiencing this. So at least I know I'm not going crazy, I'm not even worried about it. I know it's probably all part of pregnancy and just another one of those weird things it chucks at you. Just a strange sensation from going from all these limb movements which I still get (currently have a foot sticking out below my right ribcage as I type!) to having these weird feelings where he's doing strange things like popping in my tummy.

Of course the one popping I would very much like right now, is the popping of my waters. C'mon baby, you're fully cooked and we're not busy for the next couple of days so now would be a good time.