Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pregnancy Pillows

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in the comfort and safety of your own bed. With mountainous pillows and huggable duvets of unbeatable softness, there really is nothing like your own bed. However if you’re pregnant, no matter how many pillows you have, or how comforting your duvet is, if you are not getting the right support that you need; all of the above is useless.

That’s why there are a range of pregnancy pillows available on the market that are specially designed to help ladies in their sleep whilst they are pregnant. Shaped somewhat like a sausage, the pillow offers ample support to all areas of the body.

Whilst pregnant, many women can suffer from back pain and leg cramps that are especially frustrating whilst trying to sleep. This can lead to sleeping problems that can last for months during the pregnancy and sleepless nights are what no pregnant lady wants. Pregnancy pillows are versatile pillows that can be shaped around your body, giving you the correct amount of support that you need for your abdomen, legs neck and back

As the body goes through a series of important rejuvenation cycles during sleep, it is highly important that these cycles flow uninterrupted so that we remain fresh and alert throughout the following day. Unfortunately during pregnancy these cycles are more likely to be broken at a time when they are needed the most. Although pregnancy pillows won’t help those urgent dashes to the bathroom, they will help your muscles and joints throughout the pregnancy.

The great thing about pregnancy pillows is that whilst they are relatively inexpensive and are fully machine washable, they can also be used after the pregnancy. Whilst you are cradling or feeding your baby, if placed behind your back, pregnancy pillows are excellent supports for the feeding mum and help you maintain a natural position whilst feeding.

It is also a little known fact that whilst you are pregnant, thanks to hormones, your body, including your bones, soften slightly to get you ready for the challenge of birth. Of course, although your baby won’t be inside you anymore after the birth, your body will take a little bit longer to retain the levels of its former strength. That’s why before you put your pregnancy pillow back into storage; it’s an excellent idea to keep your body well supported for a few weeks after the pregnancy.

If you still suffer from aches and pains whilst trying to get to sleep after the pregnancy, there’s no reason whatsoever why you can’t continue using the pregnancy pillow for the support and comfort that you need and deserve.

Of course, like pregnancy pillows, memory foam products are also brilliant products to treat yourself to whilst you are pregnant. Available from stores such as, memory foam mattresses or mattress toppers are brilliant pieces of simple technology that help support the body evenly amongst its many pressure points. Often used in hospitals and medical situations, memory foam products are well known for being able to help soothe aching and sore joints. Originally designed for NASA for G-force take offs, the memory foam is made of a high density foam that evenly spreads pressure along its surface from any given force and ‘moulds’ itself to the shape of the body pressing against it.

This makes memory foam perfect for women in pregnancy and can give you that extra helping hand that you need for a good night’s sleep. Of course, not everyone can afford a new mattress, especially with a little person on the way, that’s why memory foam toppers are the next best thing and provide equally as much comfort as a mattress.

With these pillows and products on offer from the bedding company, there’s simply no reason to treat yourself to one during your pregnancy.

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