Friday, 6 April 2012

Where I say goodbye to the Consultant

So yay the pregnancy is FINALLY starting to go to plan, yesterday the consultant said I have no need to see her again. Though I say going to plan, typically they found another UTI, my second one in this pregnancy (had two with Oli as well!) So am on antibiotics for the next week to clear that up. My lovely little wee pot has been sent off to the lab just to confirm it is a little wee infection and nothing else. See pregnancy is glamorous with its wee pots and wee infections. My results from the 24 hour tape all came back clear.

I know I have have a few weeks left now I'm 37 weeks but I'm allowed to continue it underneath the care of midwives and without the need to see the Consultant each week. I've been given the go ahead for my home birth, so I finally blog/plan/freak/get excited about this. Have been warned though that I have to keep my legs shut until after the bank holiday as the midwife wont be able to get me out my home birthing box of goodies until then. I've already got my old sheets, some maternity bed mats and the gym ball at the ready.

The Consultant confirmed that baby's head is indeed low down and could come whenever he's ready. This both pleases me and scares me, I would very much like for baby to come soon as I cant wait to not be pregnant anymore (I know this will probably be a different story once I'm no longer pregnant!) but at the same time with both the toddler's and man's birthday next week it may be a busy time to go popping out a baby. We both know that I'm further on then the date they gave us at the scan, the copper taste in the mouth and the sore boobs started before when they think I fell pregnant. Knowing this has kicked our butts into gear and we have pretty much got the house all set up and ready for a baby to be welcomed into it.