Monday, 2 April 2012

Well hello bump.. Where did you come from?

I've skipped past 36 weeks now! Does that mean I can spend the next few weeks sitting on my bottom eating cake and tweeting? Because that's what my body would much rather be doing then anything else. Baby seems to of grown like crazy, I'm finding everything I've been wearing the last couple of weeks a slight squeeze now. I guess today when the midwife measure me I'll find out if that horrid tape measure is satisfied with my growth. Been creaming up like crazy, it's getting so itch with how it's stretching that I woke the other morning to find a huge scratch mark down my bump. Oops.

I love it when the man says to me that I'm big and I have been ever since my bump started to appear, I know this is true. It really is making a nice change to hear 'wow, look how big you've got!' instead of 'gosh, you're tiny!'. Part of me feels that the bigger I am the more I can justify this constant tiredness and evil backache. I know that sounds silly but I just feel pathetic and like I have no right to moan if I'm not really looking like a pregnant woman.

The tiredness really has been a biatch, I know I moaned about it the other day. Really feeling it this time around like crazy, doesn't help that I'm in the night peeing for England and waking up early just because my body cant take any more lying down. I've found that if I do something in the day that takes up some of my energy then the next day, I really am a walking zombie. We were invited to Ireland last week so that we could review Stena Line and as lovely as it was, my gosh I've suffered for it.

I've not been able to do anything all weekend, which has sucked slightly as this weekend I was meant to be finishing off my hospital bag in case we need to go in with baby for any reason and getting his sleeping area ready. I've got as far as putting baby's first outfit and blanket in the bag. Though baby does have his pram at the ready, we've been lucky enough to be sent a Stokke Xplory to review. I don't even know where to begin on summing up the beauty that is the Xplory, I guess I'll just have to save it for all those future posts I'll be writing about it. I managed to put it together with the help of the man so that I could sit and stare at it (any pram loving mother would understand!) Here is it in my dining room next to my much loved Stokke Tripp Trapp.

This week I promise to be more productive, I might even start to think about what I need to get ready for this home birth! A gym ball has already been reserved at Argos for us to pick up and come the end of this I will of ordered a tens machine to use when those contractions started. Did you use a tens machine? I found it to be a great source of pain relief the first time around so fingers crossed it will work again this time.