Thursday, 19 April 2012

Obviously Domino's don't care about saving the planet...

I know it's not just pregnancy hormones that has made me really angry about this as the Man is even angrier then me. On a daily basis we've been getting swamped with Domino's menus and offer leaflets. It's actually gotten to the point now where I'm wondering if there's some kind of higher authority I can complain too? Of course ALL these leaflets have gone straight into the recycling bin to be recycled but shouldn't Domino's be giving the planet a little thought before printing out a CRAZY amount of leaflets and littering my house with them?

Here's today's collection - yes 3 in ONE DAY. Though it is only half 2 in the afternoon so I wouldn't be surprised if we were to see another one by the end of the day. We got one in the mail this morning, where they obviously got our address from being PAST customers of Domino's (seriously, you don't care about the planet - why should I put money in your pockets?) One from the local newspaper, we get two newspapers a week - every newspaper see's a new menu coming with it. And another one which just came through our door from someone who works at Domino's and is obviously delivering leaflet, he needed have - we get the fricking point.

Major annoyed.